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Retinal Vein Occlusion at Duke Eye Center

About your visit

New patients to the Duke Retinal Vein Oclussion Center of Excellence (RVO Center) initially meet with our administrative director, who welcomes them for a visit and also arranges any other related health care appointments that are recommended. Next, patients typically spends a generous hour with Dr. Fekrat to discuss the diagnosis, risks and treatment plan options that takes into account other eye conditions and lifestyle modifications. Make an appointment here..



Please check in at the reception area located on the 2nd floor of the Duke Eye Center. If you are a new patient, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment to register and complete paperwork. Get directions here..

Our examination may be different from previous eye exams


This highly specialized ophthalmologic examination can last for several hours. Tests may be performed that are not routinely done at other eye center facilities. Patients who are new to Duke Eye Center or new to a subspecialty should expect to spend atleast four to five hours.

How long is your visit?

Your Stay

Our goal is for you to see the doctor, have the necessary testing performed, and when possible undergo treatment all on the same day. Therefore, please allow up to three-to-four hours to be with us.